Wandering Heart

Yesterday I got a call from an unknown number. I very rarely answer these calls, mainly cause it takes me back to junior high and I expect someone on the other end to ask if my refrigerator is running. But, I answered it and I heard sweet words that I had been praying to hear, “Hi is this Abby? This is (i forgot his name) calling from YWAM in Kona Hawaii.”

Days before I had been crying outside in my back yard sitting by the fire because I was so stressed and beat down by life. Just from one thing to another is what it felt like. I had applied for this program 2 months before and felt my chances of getting in were gone. I was sad about it because not only is it a place I want to go, it is time I felt like I needed so desperately to get away for a little while, be with Jesus, serve others and just be.

I know my life is weird to people. Some can’t wrap there minds around the fact that I’m not going to college, in fact it plain scares people. Some don’t agree with me traveling all the time. Some fear for my future. But let me enlighten you, I’m truly not scared or nervous as to where my future is going so you shouldn’t be either. College was never for me and I knew that from a early age, traveling and serving Jesus was my thing. I am breaking out of the mold that i’ve never fit in anyway. Maybe I won’t have a big great college degree or a high paying job when I’m older but i’m okay with that. Im fulfilling my dreams now and I will never regret it. Im serving Jesus now and I will never regret that. I know that the Lord knows what my future looks like and I fully trust Him with it.

So after saying allll that. I am going to Kona, Hawaii with YWAM doing a volunteer program. I will be serving others and serving the organization in any way they need. I will be leaving in almost exactly 1 month and will be gone for 3 months. I am so excited for this experience but also nervous leaving some things behind here. But I know the Lord is calling me there. And I trust Him.

My heart is a wanderer. I would regret it if I didn’t take this time of my life to travel and experience things. The quote “Not all who wander are lost” is me. It may look to others that I’m just wandering about seemingly lost. but I’m not lost at all, I’m exploring and making the most of life while I can all while trying to spread the name of Jesus.

Yes my life is very different from people my age. But I’m perfectly okay with that. I am a big advocate for following your dreams and enjoying your life. and that is exactly what I’m doing.

Aloha. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Wandering Heart

  1. Love you and am so proud of you Abby! Keep chasing. Keep seeking. Keep impacting people for Jesus. I’m proud of you, and I know He is proud of you!

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